Repurposing yarn

I made a Wonder Woman shawl for my sister in law. I purchased two skeins of each color as I didn’t believe that one would be enough. As it turns out it was more than enough. I used knit picks palette yarn, it’s over 200 yards per skein.

I looked at the left over yarn and thought what will do I with those colors? I decided to over dye them.

I used Wilton’s frosting dye and added blue and black to the red. I added blue, purple, red, and black to the gold. I’m not very scientific. I add about 1/4 tsp to a half cup boiling water and then pour it into the vat of water and yarn.

Once I added the dye, it only took about an hour to let the color soak in. I then rinsed and dried it. I think the effort was well worth it as now I have yarn that I can absolutely reuse.

Can you believe how beautifully they turned out? If you have leftover yarn with no idea of what you’ll do with it. Try dyeing it and adding new life to your yarn.