What’s in a name?

I’ve always thought of myself as a tree hugger. I was strongly influenced by the “hippies” and consider myself a hippie at heart, even when I’m wearing a suit. Maybe the tie dyed (papillon) dog coat gives it away.

I think I began to reduce my carbon footprint long before this phrase was penned. I’ve always recycled, brought my own bags to the grocery store (even produce bags), purchased recycled products, and I eat a vegan diet–the amount of resources it takes to grow meat is ridiculous. Then there is the methane gas and never mind the violence of it all. I only wish I could figure out composting. So, I’m a nutshell the name was born.

I’m not really sure how long an ideal blog post so should be. I’ve always been a less is more type of person and not one to go on and on. I’m hoping to cover more in this blog over time. I plan to interview other tree huggers and vegans. I plan to talk about NHVEGFEST (which I organize), my maker life, and my Arbonne business. I hope you’ll follow me. I’m using an app to write this post and hope to get the kinks worked out so it looks nice.

Happy New Year!


I am starting a new blog in the new year. I had not written in my former blog for a while. Lately I have been having problems publishing it. So here I am, a new year with a new blog.

I have some ideas of what I’d like to write about in the coming months. I don’t like to write about all things vegan, who as with trying to I’m reduce my carbon foot print, leadership, mentoring and other things I things think about.

So today, I’m simply going to say hello. It was a very busy day as snowed lot—a nor’easter—and I spent the day at home. I amazed at the amount of work I can get done when’s I work from home as opposed to going into the office.