More adventures in dyeing

After my successful first dyeing adventure, I decided to try Kool Aid dyeing. I wanted to find Kool Aid Aid, Target sells a premix something in a plastic bottle. I’m always trying to skip buying needless plastic so I found packets. They were .33 at Shaw’s Supermarket, the selection wasn’t large but I left with 7 packages. Next I stopped at Walmart, the packets were .25 each, I bought 14.

Armed with lots of Kool Aid, I soaked 245 yards in warm water with a big pour of vinegar. I let it soak for 1/2 hour. I squeezed out the water and covered with the yarn with dry Kool Aid pink lemonade, cherry, tropical punch, and grape.

I covered with foil and cooked in a 350 over for 45 minutes. Once cool, I rinsed out really well.  This is my finished product, I like how it came out.  More dyeing to follow.

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